Dr Ashish Dutta talks about Grade 4 Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia or man boobs is something men in the UK suffer a lot ranging from 40-60% having some form of it. Dr Ash Dutta illustrates what is involved when treating Gynaecomastia.

Today we are talking about grade 4 Gynaecomastia which is the extreme form of Gynaecomastia which involves and excess amount of fat, excess glands and of course excess skin. All three of these elements need to be addressed properly at the operation otherwise we will be unable to achieve the results that the patient will be looking for.

Dr Ash often feels that his patients often feel concerned about their social life, how they can go and where they can go to find the treatment needed. Also, the patients often feel very conscious of taking their clothes off in front of their near and dear ones.

These patients will of course need appropriate counselling regarding the operation and the possible outcomes of it. The counselling will include discussing the surgery and what is involved in it, the residual scars and how we can look after the patient after the surgery has been completed and further down the line.

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