Dr Ash Dutta answers “Is it true that the Brazillian Butt lift is the riskiest procedure?”

Yes, in short it is – but when we do a procedure, each and every procedure has some side effects and complications associated with it. For example when we do a blephoraplasty we can get an infection that can be life threating.

But with the Brazillian butt lift it has been found that when we do larger amounts of fat transfer which is where we take fat from another part of the body and we put it in the buttocks to make it look bigger then the risk of putting the fat into a blood vessel is higher. There are various articles as recently as 6-8 months ago that fat transfer should be done at a superficial level where there are blood vessels but not as many. We need to do it with wider canulars and blunt canulars so that the chances of these penetrating or damaging the blood vessels is low.

Whatever precautions we take if we put enough training, enough thought processes and understand the anatomy of the patient and then do the treatment the risk is reduced.

Brazillian butt lift has been determined to be one of the highest and riskiest procedures in the world and that is between 1 in 3,500-4,000 procedures carries a risk of fatalities or serious complications.

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