An Introduction


Dr. Ashish Dutta

I am a board certified cosmetic surgeon also the Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

To get a quick sense of who I am, see the below video.  You can also read my latest blog on Transaxillary Breast Augmentation and also on non surgical skin tightening., Temporal Filling. and Can you get addicted to cosmetic surgery and Grade 4 Gynaecomastia. Morpheus8, Thighplasty and Otoplasty.

When we trained in medicine, there was no mention of Aesthetic surgery or medicine.

I was intrigued by the different applications of the first machine ( Vasculight) and subsequently added a further 12 machines from various companies over the next 3 years

Between 2002 and 2010 we were the largest Aesthetic laser clinic in the UK

In medicine most people come to see us due to illness or a health matter however in cosmetic medicine or surgery we try to look after the patient’s aesthetic needs, improve their confidence and help them get on with life

“I think in the NHS the medical professionals are geared to look after the Physical wellbeing of the patient and overlook their inherent want to look better”

I qualified in India in 1986 and worked in a tertiary surgical centre in Calcutta (now Kolkata)

After my surgical attachments, I came to UK to progress my training in surgical specialities.

I worked at different surgical specialities for the next 7 years including trauma, emergency medicine and Orthopaedics.

In 2000, I was invited to attend a training session in Lasers by Lumenis.

I started my Sunderland clinic at Ashmore Terrace doing non-surgical treatments and lasers.

In the same year, I also obtained admitting rights at South Tyneside NHS Trust to do cosmetic procedures

Subsequently, I did a cosmetic surgery fellowship and sat for the board certification exam through the World Academy of Cosmetic surgery

I have been awarded a fellow status by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

I was a founding member of the World Academy for Cosmetic Surgery and was the secretary of the organization from 2010-2016

The other positions that I hold are:

Vice President, International Division of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS)

Secretary, European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS)

Secretary, British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS)

Education Committee Chair, World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS)

american board of cosmetic surgery

Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre

We want ABC to be forward thinking and deliver a patient focussed approach to help patients achieve their desired look in a safe environment

We rely heavily on continuous training and understand the inner needs of the individual

In cosmetic surgery we see patients often asking for treatments or results that are not achievable, we try to help them with managing their expectations before committing to go ahead with any treatment

Cosmetic Surgery is not based on patients physical illnesses, doctors and clinics need to have a higher level of ethical values and standards to avoid exploiting the patient

We make sure that patients are not put under any pressure to undergo any procedure that we think are detrimental to the patients overall wellbeing

We try to create an environment where a holistic approach can be combined with a professional manner to deliver the desired outcome

Staff are consistently updated with the latest Training

Personal interests are Indian cooking, Music and Medical Policy’s

Dr. Ashish Dutta

Founder and Chief Surgeon

Aesthetic Beauty Centre

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