Dr Ash Dutta talks about Otoplasty (Ear Correction)

Dr. Ashish Dutta

Dr Ash Dutta explains everything involving an Otoplasty, and what treatments are available for ear corrections.

Otoplasty also known as ear correction have traditionally been done for people with prominent ears. Due to a lot of horrible names being related to people with prominent ears it is quite common at school children will get teased regarding this, hence this operation often being carried out on patients of a relatively younger age. We have also seen quite a few adults coming forward wanting their ears corrected especially when the hair is shorter, and the ears are more visible hence making the patients more conscience.

There are two types of correction we can do.

The first type of ear correction we offer is when the conchal or bowl of the ear is very deep, by fact if the bowl of your ear is deep then it causes your outer ear to be more projected.

The Second type of ear correction available involves the fold of the ear also known as the antihelical fold, if it is too acute or if it is not very folded then it looks as if the ear is folding out and thus making it look much more prominent.

Both of these corrections can be done by pinning the ear back, this is done by suturing the base of the ear, or the ball of the conchal onto the bone which is called the mastoid. The other method would involve fold much more acute; this can be done by putting a few sutures there.

Eitherway both of these procedures are very delicate procedures and can be done under either local or sedation. The patients need to be appropriately counselled that these can recur meaning they may come back after the operation. Furthermore, revision surgery is very common in these procedures, putting all of this together can make our patients life quite comfortable and at least improve their confidence on how they look.

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