Fat Transfer to buttock

No doubt that everyone wants a perfect figure with better-contoured body parts but sometimes, a fuller youthful bottom can lose volume as a result of age, pregnancy or with sudden weight loss. There was also a time when a woman asked, ‘does my bum look big in this?’ Now, however, a plump posterior has become a more desired shape and with the bum enlargement procedure it has become possible.

So you’ll be pleased to hear that undergoing a bum enlargement treatment doesn’t mean you need to resort to implants either. Fat transfer is also a great option which is otherwise known as ‘Brazilian Buttock Lift’ which gives you longer lasting effect.

Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer to the buttock?

  • If you feel that your

  • If you have asymmetric or misshaped

  • If you want to improve the size and shape of your

  • If you

  • If you are scared of major cosmetic surgery

If you fall in any of these above categories, then Autologous Fat Transfer or Free Fat Transfer (FTT) or just Fat Transfer is best for you.

The concept of Free Fat Transfer (FFT) has been around since the early 1900s when fat was first reported to be used to fill soft tissue defects. But the scope of fat transfer techniques has been continuously broadened to include augmentation of the face, breasts, and other areas of the body such as Buttoc

Fat transfer is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure in which an individual’s own body fat is harvested from suitable areas such as from inner knees, outer thighs, flanks, buttocks, or abdomen and injected into the desired area (e.g. the breasts, buttocks, hand, neck or face) to add volume, thereby it results in the loss of unwanted fat from the donor area along with an increase in size of the recipient area. It is also known as autologous fat transfer because the fat that is used for injecting is harvested from your own body.

Generally, fat transfer is a safe technique to add volume to the desired area, but it is more popular for breast enhancement and bum enlargement. The technique is also used for facial rejuvenation which adds the lost volume in the required area(s) and sometimes used for penis enlargement. The donor sites typically use for fat transfer to buttocks are your tummy area, back, and thighs.

The Fat transfer procedure-

The autologous fat transfer is performed under local anaesthesia or sedation and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete

  1. Extraction of fat with gentle liposuction

  2. Isolation and cleansing of the fat cells

  3. Re-injection of fat cells into the targeted areas.

Extraction of fat with gentle liposuction:

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we commonly use hand held liposuction or minimally invasive VASER liposuction technique for fat harvesting from donor area. After infiltration of local anaesthetic, the fat is gently extracted out by a thin metallic tube called cannula via suction through keyhole incisions.

Isolation and cleansing of fat cells:

Once enough fat is obtained from the desired area, the surgeon will process it to prepare the fat cells to transfer it in a small syringe that will be used as fat injection.

Re-injection of extracted fat cells into the targeted areas:

The surgeon will insert a needle or cannula into the incision point of the site which is being augmented. The injection needle is usually passed multiple times in and out of the augmented area. Thus a line of fatty tissue bundle is carefully deposited in planes of natural tissue. This procedure is repeated until the desired correction has been achieved. The surgeon may also use a dressing or bandage over the grafted area for safety.

Features and benefits of Autologous Fat transfer

Due to following features and benefits, the autologous fat transfer technique is considered better than the traditional methods for bum enlargement.

  • Fat transfer is a simple and less stressful surgical procedure on the body than other traditional methods

  • One of the advantages of fat transfer over implants is that the treatment can be applied to exactly where it’s needed, which is almost impossible with surgical implants.

  • The fat which is to be transferred is extracted by minimally invasive techniques which ensures minimal damage to surrounding tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues

  • There is no chance of allergic reaction because the fat cells already belong to your body.

  • Relatively less invasive as compared to traditional methods

  • Suitable for both large as well as small areas

  • It helps reduce fat from other parts of the body as surgeon uses your own excess fat to enhance and augment the size of the breasts and buttocks

  • Can be performed under local anaesthetic

  • Can be performed as an out-patient procedure, i.e. does not require an overnight stay in hospital

  • Minimum downtime and quicker recovery than traditional methods

  • Minimal scarring, bruising and bleeding

  • Less painful than traditional methods because the sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue beneath your skin will remain largely undisturbed during surgery.

  • Noticeable and predictable immediate results

  • Safe and effective procedure

  • Results are permanent.

Downtime and recovery-

You can perform your normal activities within 1-3 weeks after surgery. However, it is advisable to avoid stressful activities for at least 4-6 weeks. In some cases, patient may experience some swelling and bruising at the injection site. The recovery time is between 1-4 weeks, depending on how many areas were treated and the size of the procedure.

Risks and complications-

Autologous fat transfer is considered as a safe procedure but there are a few risks. These risks may include:

  • Appearance of the lumps or irregularities due to over-absorption of the injected fat cells

  • Swelling, bruising and pain

  • Minimal scarring

  • Cyst formation of the injected fat cells.

  • Fat embolism

The Fat transfer Results-

Results will be noticeable immediately after surgery. Over the following few weeks, a small amount of the injected fat cells may be absorbed by the body, but those fat cells that remain will provide long-term natural results. The shape of your buttocks will gradually stabilise over the next six months as the fat cells settle and get established.

The results are long lasting, sometimes permanent if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle but as the buttocks are injected with living fat cells, they will naturally change over time with your age. Often an additional touch up procedure may be required to further enhance the results. One needs 200-400cc of fat for each buttock to see significant improvement. The treatment is safe as the fat cell used belongs to your own body and completely biocompatible, it is very unlikely to develop any allergic reaction. Each year, thousands of people undergo successful fat grafting and are delighted with the natural-looking results.



At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, your progress is reviewed on a regular basis through appointments with your surgeon. Before any cosmetic treatment takes place, the surgeon will outline the entire process, including potential side effects. Our surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta, operates a number of clinics in the UK, including two in the North East.