Dr Dutta’s guide to Thighplasty – The thigh lift

A Thighplasty or a thigh lift involves removing fat and excess skin from the patient’s thigh, Dr Ash Dutta explains the procedure and the benefits of receiving a Thighplasty.

Thigh lift or a Thighplasty is an operation which is performed to remove excess fat and skin from the thigh or the upper half of the leg. This operation is getting more popular for two main reasons: the first reason is, bariatric surgery which is helping a patient lose a lot of weight, second is patients who are going through transformational diet, exercise therapy to lose more than three or four stone in weight which will be leaving there skin rather loose and may begin to overhang thus needing removed to give the patient a reasonable look.

Thigh lifts can be done with three specific types of incisions:

  1. A mini thigh lift, where the scar is restricted to the groin and this can only be performed when the skin excess it not too much, this will be for patients who have a very small amount of loose skin or maybe just want fat removed on an already smaller thigh.
  1. A full thigh lift may be needed if there is a fair or moderate amount of loose skin, this involves the scar that will extend from the groin and it is a J-shaped scar so it goes along the medial aspect of the thigh virtually touching the knee. That way we can take a lot more skin and remove a lot more fat too, giving the thigh a better shape.
  1. A 360 degree or a circumferential whereby the scar goes all along the full length of the thigh, enabling us to lift the thigh and be sure to give the patient a better look. This thigh lift involves anyone who has fat and loose skin all around the thigh.

Each of these procedures are involved with complications and possible side effects, furthermore we must take into account the patients premorbid conditions meaning if there is any pre existing illness. To ensure the patients safety we do the operation in a theatre under sedation or general anaesthetic, and of course we explain to the patient each and every one of the complications so we can counsel the patient and hopefully give the patient a good chance of getting a better looking thigh.

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