Dr Ashish Dutta talks about Skinade for cosmetic surgery

Whether you are aware of what Skinade is used for regarding cosmetic surgery, Dr Ash Dutta explains what Skinade does and why you may want it before or after cosmetic surgery.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we have been promoting Skinade for the past couple of years. Skinade is sold as skin health in a bottle, today we are discussing the science behind it. At aesthetic Beauty Clinic, whenever we do any operations or procedures we advise or advocate patients to use Skinade for about a month before a procedure and a month after; if they like it then they can use it for as long as they see fit.

Skinade itself has many chemicals in it that in fact does give the skin a boost, the collagen promoting particles particularly the l-lysine, the msm and there are certain vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B; all comes together to help the complex of the skin. In Skinade we also have the omega-3 and omega-6 which we retrieve from the organic flax seed. All of these together show an improvement in our patient’s skin when we combine it with other treatments like laser or chemical peels. Even when the patient is having dermal fillers to improve the facial lines or the structure of the face, skin health is also neglected. Skinade can be used to improve the skin health with ease.

Most of the patients who have started using Skinade, do continue to have it for the long term. At Aesthetic Beauty Centre we leave it to the patients whether they want to continue or not. It does seem to be doing really well with our patients after and even before the surgical procedures we do which can give a quicker healing time.

 If you have any questions regarding Skinade and its uses, or just have any questions you would like to ask. Contact us here.

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