Dr. Ashish Dutta

M.B.B.S, L.R.C.P(U.K.), L.R.C.S. (Lond), L.M.S.S.A. (Lond), M.R.C.G.P., DPD (Cardiff),

B-TEC In Advanced Skin Laser (Loughborough).

Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS)

Secretary, European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS)

ESAS representative to the European commission CEN TC- 403 (Aesthetic Surgery Services)

Secretary and Board of Trustees, International Division of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS)

Secretary, World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS)

Secretary, British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS)




General Medical Council (Full Registration).

I am a  member of the British Medical Association. (B.M.A.)

Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (H.C.S.A.).


a)  School Final Examination, 1979 from ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE, CALCUTTA. 

b)  Higher Secondary Examination in 1981 from ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE, CALCUTTA. 

c)  M.B.B.S. CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY from B.S. Medical College, 1986.

I represented my College football team as a right stopper Back and captained the College Table Tennis Team.  I Was the College Table Tennis Champion for three Consecutive years.  I published a paper “Comparative Study of Health in different Countries” in my Fourth Years Medical School which appeared in the Indian Public Health Magazine.

d)  L.R.C.P.(U.K.), L.R.C.S.(Lond.) – March 1994.

e)  L.M.S.S.A.(Lond.) – March 1994.

f)  D.F.F.P.(Lond.) – February 1997.

g)  M.R.C.G.P. – 2000

h)  B-Tech in Advanced Skin Laser (Loughborough) 2009

i)  DPD (Cardiff University) – 2009

j)  I am in my third year of Masters in Cosmetic Practice

   (Greenwich University).



a)  Rotating internship in various specialities including Medicine, General Surgery, Gynaecology and Paediatrics, RAMKRISHNA MISSION SEVA PRATHISHTHAN, CALCUTTA for one year from 1st October 1986 – 30th September 1987.


b)  Resident House Surgeon in  General Surgery,



    RESEARCH, CALCUTTA from 16th October 1987 –

    15th October 1988.


    S.S.K.M. Hospital is the regional institute for Eastern                  India and better known as ‘Presidency General

    Hospital’.  It serves as a tertiary referral centre to the

    State of West Bengal covering a population of over

    6 million.


  1. c)  Clinical Attachment at RYHOPE GENERAL

    HOSPITAL, SUNDERLAND, to observe medical

    Practice in U.K.


  1. d)  Passed PLAB, in June 1989.


  1. e)  2 year Surgical Rotation in the North East of England

    covering General Surgery, Orthopaedic and Accident

    and Emergency August 1989 – August 1991.


  1. f)  S.H.O. In Gynaecology and Obstetrics at


    August 1991 – 31st January 1992.  This department

    Deals with over 2000 deliveries per year and is an

    Active I.V.F. Centre.  I actively participated in the

    Labour room and helped the consultants in the clinics.


  1. g)  S.H.O. in Elderly Care with on-call commitments in

    General Medicine at HARTLEPOOL GENERAL

    HOSPITAL until July 1992.


    I was required to cover the C.C.U. as first-on, which gave

    me an insight into the acute management of cardiac



  1. h)  S.H.O. in Orthopaedics and Trauma at WYCOMBE

    GENERAL HOSPITAL from August 1992 to 31st

    January 1993.  During this period I compiled a report on

    “Rush Nailing of Lower Fibula Fractures”.  I helped the                  consultants in the clinics and operating theatres.  My

    Surgical and Orthopaedics experience in this particular

    job helped me immensely as a Staff Grade in Accident

    and Emergency.        


  1. i)  Staff Grade and later Senior on-call cover in Accident

   and Emergency at the QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL,

   Gateshead from 1st February 1993 to 31st January 2002.                 This department has a yearly new patient attendance of

   Over 47,000 patients.


I was involved in the day case theatre with 2 lists of my    own dealing with facial injuries, trauma, carpal tunnel release etc, and running the Review clinics.  I was a member of the Trauma Team and took part in the training programme to teach S.H.O’s. During this period I successfully completed the A.P.L.S.,A.C.L.S.and A.T.L.S.


  1. j)  I joined the Northumbria Vocational Training Scheme in

   February 1995 and my Phase I appointment was with

   Dr. D. Rooney of Gateshead.  I worked with him from

   1st February 1995 to 2nd August 1995.


  1. k) Phase II G.P. Registrar in Psychiatry at CHERRY

   KNOWLES HOSPITAL, Sunderland from 3rd August

   1995 to 6th February 1996.


  1. l)  Phase III G.P. Registrar with Dr. Suchdev of Gateshead.

   I worked with him for six months from 7th February 1996

   To 6th August 1996.


  1. m)  Locum  Registrar in Accident and Emergency at


    August 1996 to 1st September 1996.


  1. n)  September 1996 – April 2000 I was a full time G.P.

         partner in a 5 doctor practice in Washington covering

    population of 12500 patients.  I was elected to the

    Sunderland local medical committee (LMC) and later

    appointed the Clinical Governance lead of the PCG. I was

    the G.P. facilitator for Sunderland Health Authority,

    looking after the educational and development needs for

    individual  G.P’s.  I continued to work as a Senior Doctor

    on-call in the Trauma and Accident  & Emergency at

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for 4 sessions per week to

    maintain my surgical skills.     


  1. o)  April 2000 – December 2005. I joined Dr. Zaidi  

    and opened  a PMS-plus practice in South Tyneside to        

    provide a surgical service on behalf of the PCT to the                               local community.  I was elected to the LMC and PCT for  

    South Tyneside and was appointed the Geriatric Lead.                  In 2000, I opened a private cosmetic surgery clinic.  The

    practice grew steadily and we opened a second Cosmetic

   Surgery Clinic in Newcastle in 2004.  Due to the increased

    work load, I resigned from my G.P. practice in 2005 and

    dedicated most of my time to the Cosmetic Surgery  


  1. p)  Cosmetic Surgeon at Aesthetic Beauty Centre from April 2000.


  1. q)  May 2006 – March 2007.  Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at Linia

     Cromwell Hospital with Mr Aslam, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.            

  1.                                               r)  September 2009 – date – Marsden Road Health Centre – G.P.



Since I have been practicing Cosmetic Surgery in the independent sector before April 2002, I was allowed to continue practicing Cosmetic Surgery under the grandfather clause.


I have been practicing Cosmetic surgery since 2000 and have completed a Fellowship program in cosmetic surgery.  I have passed the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) exam through the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  I am a member of the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS), American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS).  I am the ESAS Secretary and nominated member on the European Commission for Standardisation of Aesthetic Surgery Services (TC 403).  I am registered with the GMC and work as a consultant cosmetic surgeon in the private sector.  I do not undertake any plastic or reconstructive procedures.  I am an examiner for the World Board of Cosmetic Surgery.  I perform Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Brow Lift, Face and neck lift, Cheek augmentation, Breast Augmentation and lift, Abdominoplasty, Thigh and Arm lift, Hair Transplantation. I am a trainer for Dermal Fillers, Botox, Smartlipo, Cosmetic Laser surgery, Acid Peels etc.     .



COURSES ATTENDED: a)  Course for Basic Sciences at Newcastle University in


  1. b)  A.T.L.S. Course.
  2. c)  Resuscitation for Neonates & Paediatrics at St. Mary’s

    Hospital – January 1992.

  1. d)  A.T.L.S. revision course at High Wycombe General


  1. e)  Radiation Protection Course.
  2. f)  A.C.L.S. (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) – 1993.
  3. g)  A.P.L.S. (Advanced Paediatric Life Support) – 1994.
  4. h)  Management of Acute Poisoning at R.V.I. – 1994.
  5. i)  “Emergencies in Medicine” at Southern General Hospital,

   Glasgow – September 1994.

  1. j)  “Emergency Medicine and the law” Course 1995.
  2. k) “Breakaway Technique” in the management of violent

   patients – October 1995.

  1. l)  Counselling Course – October 1995.
  2. m) D.C.H. Course – November 1995.
  3. n)  Child Health Promotion – Course at Newcastle – February


0)  Family Planning Certificate course – June 1996.

  1. p)  Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning February


  1. q)  Mental Health Act 1983 Accredation Course – February


  1. r)  Training for setting up P.C.C.s and corporate

    responsibility – 1998/99.

  1. s)  Various courses and conferences on Clinical Governance

    locally and regionally – 1998 – 1999.

  1. t)  ‘Critical Event Analysis’ workshop – July 1999.


                                                         Please see Training & Development record for full list.


PUBLICATIONS:     I have written nine chapters in the “Accident and

    Emergency Compendium” published by the Department

    of Medical Education.  This book is being used by the

    Department of Health as a pilot study to monitor “Basic

    Learning Skills” at S.H.O. level.


ACTIVITIES:     I used to play table tennis for the Tyne & Wear British

    Gas Team and compete in regularly in the Tyne & Wear



    I am fluent in English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu.  My

    other interests are travelling and cooking.