Dr Dutta talks about Temporal Fillers

Temporal filling has been around for some time. If you look at the temple as a separate entity it doesn’t mean much. We always try to look at the whole facial features as one. To give you an example if it is just the lip fillers that we are doing we can give the lip a bit of volume but then it becomes isolated from the whole face. When we look at temples we look at volume loss mainly because of the muscle mass wasting as we get older. We also lose some bone mass as we get older but overall the skin texture and everything put together we get a depression here which gives the game away.

If you look at the overall facial features and do something to the temple as well then I think the face gets a much better proportion. These fillers need to be carefully inserted as we have a temple nerve and blood vessels so the deeper filling is much better.

Looking at the whole face including the temple gives a much better outcome for the patient. As with every video we say patient consultation and discussing the pros and cons are vital to the success of the treatment.

If you want further information about Temporal Filling then please contact Dr Dutta.

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