What is Transaxillary Breast Augmentation (TBA)?

The ´Transaxillary Breast Augmentation´ is a relatively new, but tried and tested procedure to enhance and allow a more natural breast appearance. Like other conventional breast implants, the procedure improves the overall shape and definition of the breast by increasing the volume, but with one main advantage. While more conventional augmentation surgery can leave scarring around the nipple or on the inferior breast folds, the TBA has the advantage of not leaving any scars on the breast and utilises a technique that uses a small incision in the patient’s underarm in the natural skin crease. This leaves a post-operative small scar which blends into the skin fold and is rarely visible to the casual observer.

A natural appearance is achieved as the implants are placed behind the chest muscle. The advantages of less stress and discomfort over the more conventional implant procedure means that healing times are significantly quicker because there is no need to directly incise the chest muscle or surrounding breast tissue.

Pre-surgery begins with a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Using modern technology and imaging techniques, you may be able to see (depending upon the clinic´s equipment) a 3-dimensional suggestion of how the chosen enhancement would be suitable for your particular expectations and body type. You will be able to select the size and shape of the implants you desire and may even be able to touch and feel specific examples of the proposed implants. Your cosmetic professional will talk you through the whole procedure and be completely open and honest about his/her recommendations for your specific needs. It’s important to remember that a TBA may not be suitable in all cases. For example, women who require a breast lift will find that Transaxillary enhancement would not be best suited, simply because a breast lift procedure would require an incision on the breast tissue itself to allow the placement of the implant.

The surgery itself lasts for around one to two hours and is performed under sedation or general anaesthetic. The implant is placed in-situ using a specially created pocket, with the operation guided through special cameras and instruments that helps to ensure the correct, secure placement. The underarm incisions are then closed and the breasts wrapped in dressings to protect the tissue as it heals. It’s also quite common for women to wear a surgical support bra for extra support during the healing time.

After post operative recovery, the patient is free to return home with after-care instructions and pain relief. You are advised to rest for several days post-op to allow for the healing process to continue. Localised swelling and some pain are only to be expected, but following the instructions regarding rest and avoid any heavy lifting or exercise for several weeks – an uneventful recovery is expected.

If you feel this procedure may be of interest to you then please feel free to contact Dr Ash Dutta at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre and he will be only too pleased to advise you.

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